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    The User Friendly
    Distillery Management
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    Record and track everything in seconds
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    'One click' Production,
    Cask, Stock,
    Sales & HMRC Reports
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    Record real-time with
    production team displays

Distillery Genius - The Solution

Record, manage and report on every step from production to dispatching orders

User friendly

Distillery Genius system stands out for its very easy and usable, intuitive user interface, reducing training and improving accuracy.


Designed to grow with you, the costs are related to your production and sales, ideal for new distileries as well as the established.

One Click Reporting

Reports that make the HMRC from filling a whole lot easier as well as an array of real-time reporting on all aspects from production to delivery.

Dedicated support

We offer a real person account manager along with a human support able to resolve issues on the first call contact, we pride ourselves in outstanding support.

Features & Benefits

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Production under control

The production system simplifies the proccess and provides the reports required by HMRC.

Stock Control

Both dry and bottled stock levels are updated automatically and alert when items are running low.

Hassle free reporting

We take the hassle out of reporting with a range of one click reports at your fingertips.

Order management

Track upcoming orders, identify bottled stock shortfalls and print delivery sheets in seconds.

The heart of the operation

View and record key information real-time with on-site touch screen terminals.

Tracked from start to end

Every element of the proccess is tracked to ensure your records are always accurate.

Secure user access

Provide staff with the access they require while still locking down key business information.

Intelligent searching

Finding a single cask to all 12 year old stored in warehouse B just got easy with our powerful cask search.

Contact Us

For more info and support, contact us!

Distillery Genius, SAMTEQ Limited, Fairmile Building, Dunoon, Argyll PA23 8PB

01369 702253